The Spiritual Power of The Ox | The Month of Iyar-Taurus

beyond the zodiac iyar sefirat ha'omer Apr 21, 2023

The month of Iyar has the Zodiac sign is Taurus. King Solomon writes, "There is a multitude of harvests with the power of the ox." Kabbalah & Chassidut delve into the spiritual significance of the ox. The ox represents the base level of our human consciousness, which we are in the world to transform. A favorite food of the ox is barley. These days, we count the Omer, which is the offering made of barley. Wheat represents the intellectual realms of man. This is why wheat or chita has the numerology of 22, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Barley represents our animalistic and somewhat traumatized ourselves, which needs healing and transformation. This is the month to delve into our raw animal consciousness. We realize that we have the inspiration of Pesach and the power from on high to be successful in our life missions. We utilize the power we truly have inside, not by banishing the animal but by using its incredible power.

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