The 7 Foundations of Bitachon-Trust in Hashem

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The 7 Foundations of Bitachon-Trust in Hashem

In his "Gate of Trust",  Rabbenu Bechayei (13th Century Spain) talks about the fundamentals of Bitachon - trust. 

There, he says that to have complete trust in someone they must qualify to have all of these 7 qualifications.

If any of these qualifications is missing there can not be complete trust. Each of these qualifications has a deep-seated psychological need within our conscious and subconscious minds. 

Here are the 7 qualifications:

  1. Compassion
  2. Desire to help
  3. Power to execute
  4. Knows the game plan
  5. Knows me
  6. Has complete power
  7. Benevolence 

Can we think of ANYONE in our lives who has ALL of these qualifications?

Take your time...

I think you would agree to say that probably not.

No wonder we have a hard time trusting others and ourselves. So much infighting and inner conflict are connected to the misplaced trust we have in others and the lack of trust we often have in Hashem as being the sole power that can truly help. 

However, there is ONE source that has ALL of these qualifications and that is the almighty Hashem- G-d.

He is compassionate over my needs. He has a complete desire to help me. He has the power to execute that plan. He knows exactly what is good for me and at what point that should manifest (what steps do I have to take to be conscious of that goodness?). He has been with me since before my inception. He and only HE has complete control; over everything that is happening in my life. He is SO GOOD. Although I may have messed up - multiple times and may think why would G-d care anymore, HE does and believes in me more than I believe in myself.

To have trust in Hashem we must really bring inner awareness and know that only he has all of these qualifications. Therefore, we can be sure that we are in good hands and only in his domain and auspices.

Here are the 7 attributes in greater depth:

  1. The one you trust has compassion. He knows and feels what you need and will have compassion for your needs.
  2. He will not only not ignore your needs but make sure that they are tended to with all of the powers he has. 
  3. This person is strong and can execute upon their needs. 
  4. He knows exactly what is the best course of action and what the best good is and when it should manifest. 
  5. He knows me since I was created and therefore knows the truly best thing for me in the current moment. 
  6. I am completely in his hands and no one else has any external power over me besides for him.
  7. The one I trust is exceedingly good and benevolent to those who are worthy and to those who are unworthy of reciprocal kindness.  

So, the lesson is - let go of doubt, let go. Have trust and know that you are in good hands. 

Even greats such as Moses are human and learn about trust. The lesson for us is even the smartest amongst must work on trust and rewiring fear and replacing it with trust.

In this week's Parsha we learn a powerful lesson about Bitachon and not having complete trust in Hashem. Even being fearful of a seemingly legitimate fear indicates a lack in the complete Bitachon we are meant to have with Hashem.

Moses was afraid…and Pharaoh sought to kill him. (Exodus 2:14–15)

Shouldn’t it be written the other way around? Because Pharaoh sought to kill him, therefore Moses was afraid.

But no. Only because Moses experienced fear was Pharaoh empowered to seek his blood. Were it not for his fear, no harm could ever have befallen him.

Banish any thought of fear that may be lurking in your mind. To dwell on such a thought even for a moment is to surrender yourself into the hands of your inner Pharaoh, that he may destroy you.

Replace such thoughts immediately with healthy thoughts, positive thoughts, thoughts that lift you up. Think good thoughts and your thoughts will allow good things to happen.

Trust is the inverse of fear. Hold on tightly with the trust of steel and nothing in this world can harm you.

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