The Partzufim -The 5 Spiritual Archetypes

kabbalah Feb 24, 2022

Kabbalah Academy- The Patzufim {Kabbalah 2.0} 

The Partzufim are the 5 spiritual archtypes. As the infinite light of the Ain Sof becomes condensed within the world of Tikun-fixing, the building blocks of creation take shape in the way of the Partzufim.

The 5 Partzufim are Keter, Chochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut. 

We hope you enjoyed a portion on this deep subject. In this class, we explored the following subjects in depth.

  1. Lights To Facets 
  2. Divine Communion 
  3. The Spiritual Family 
  4. Crown
  5. Father & Mother
  6. Zeir Anpin
  7. Malchut 

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