Who are The 4 Children at the Passover Seder?

parsha passover Apr 05, 2023

The Passover Seder has many motifs: the Matza, the Marror, the wine, the lavish meal, and much more...

However, the central motif is communication in the story of exile and redemption. In many Jewish traditions, we say "in remembrance (zecher) to coming out of Egypt." 

The Seder table has 4 types of children to who we communicate the timeless message of redemption: the wise, wicked, simple, and the one who does not know how to ask. 

Although there are 4 archetypes of children stipulated by the Seder Haggada, there are these 4 who exist within each of us.

We are ultimately communicating the Passover story to our inner child. 

When we truly communicate this message internally, we can also share this message externally. 

In our pre-Passover prep, we will explore these four personalities. We will delve into Carl Jung's understanding of the 4 archetypes and explore how Chassidut and Kabbalah understand these inner and outer dynamics. 

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