Are you 2020 on 2020?

beyond the zodiac Jan 04, 2021

In what will undoubtedly go down in history as a most difficult year for every single human on the planet, I believe that 2020 will be remembered as a pivotal year for human evolution.


Is there perhaps a juncture, a new way forged forth which will shift the way we live, think, eat, interact, love, hate, create, and manifest?


If anything taught us that we must look towards change, it is was and is Covid. 


An unseen microcosmic enemy suddenly caused governments to examine how they control and care for their people. 


Politics, greed, and power became certainly more confusing, but either apparently clear to some or enslaving to others.


That no government or politician will save us from ourselves became obvious to some, vs just not this politician became THE agenda for others, wreaking national havoc and sowing discord between neighbors.


The tiny virus broadcasting to us extremely loudly to some yet faintly to others  “where are you humanity, the children of Adam, (איכה), is there a collective plan? 


Will 2021 be different? Will the vaccine solve the core issues which are broken?

We as individuals are forced to choose: evolve or recoil, redemption, or exile.


Death brings with it new life.


Are we willing to experience the death of the ego?


Can we brave shedding the old to finally upgrade to the new?


Do we have the courage, the belief, and the trust in ourselves and in G-d? 


Are we willing to work on the parts of ourselves which are broken? 


Are we vulnerable enough to know that we do not have all and even a tiny amount of the answers?


To new beginnings 🌳


Happy new 2021

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