Unlocking Divine Compassion - Journey of the Thirteen Petaled Rose

compassion parsha Mar 05, 2024

In this week's Torah portion, Ki -Tissa, we learn about the sin of the golden calf in which Moshe rises in prayer to the Creator to atone for this grave sin. It says Hashem (G-d) teaches Moshe THE prayer to annul the negative decree and atone for the sin. It is the 13 Attributes of mercy. The holy Zohar says that the 13 Attributes of mercy are compared to the various colors of the 13 petals of the rose, where there is a transformation of the attribute of judgment to the attribute of mercy. We find that the Prophet Micah also reveals the 13 attributes in a different way in his assertion of divine mercy upon the people. What are the 13 attributes of mercy, and why are they so powerful? What is the difference between the 13 Attributes of Moshe vs. Micah? Why is mercy or compassion the way to the deepest atonement, and how can we adapt the attribute of compassion and embody this powerful trait in our lives?

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