Hineini- Awareness Within Uncertainty

awareness parsha Jan 04, 2024

Throughout the book of Beriesheit - Genesis, we hear the word Hineini from all of our greats. Starting with Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, they refer to their divine awareness within the darkness of uncertainty as Hineini. Lenord Cohen has a famous song Hineni, in which he refers to his surrender to G-d as Hineni. In this week's Parsha and new book of Shmot- Moshe uses the word Hineni to head to the call of his greatness. He answers beyond the veil of the burning bush and courageously agrees to the hardest mission in history, to help take out the people from Egypt. What are the lessons of Hineni for our lives and the times we are in now? What is G-d asking of us now? Hineini

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