Eradicating Evil- Israel's Eternal War on Amalek and Hamas

amalek israel at war moshiach parsha Oct 20, 2023

Amalek is a nation considered the eternal nemesis of the Jewish people. They were the first to attack the Israelites as they came out of Egypt, instilling fear and doubt in their minds and hearts. 

Our Sages teach us that Amalek has the same numerology as doubt and that the etymology is a composite of the word "Malak," which means to sever. The Amalekites were brutal and savage, severing the heads of their enemies. 

The Talmud says, "The name of G-d is not complete and his throne not full until Amalek will be destroyed.

In each generation, we are entrusted to "remember" and "never forget" what Amalek the nation and Amalek the kilpa- husk or negative trait has done to us, and we have a Mitzvah-a- a command to eradicate Amalek from our hearts and well as from the earth. 

The war against Amalek is a spiritual one. In the Israelite's first war against Amalek, Moshe says, "Choose for me men who will fight Amalek." The Talmud says that these warriors were exceedingly righteous, and whenever "Moshe lifted his hands the Israelites won and when he lowered his hands the Amalekis won. 

The Rambam says that for the world of good and loving kindness to be present, we must first eradicate Amalek. This is the job of Moshiach to fully do before the Third Temple can be built. 

Tune in today's class on Israel's war on Amalek as we understand this eternal war of good vs. evil in our current war against Hamas and evil.

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