Perfectly Imperfect - Integrating Shavuot Into Our Lives

integration shavuot torah Jun 18, 2024
I wanted to share a little-known fact about today. 
If you have been feeling triggered, not enough, or helpless, you are probably doing the real inner work. 
Today marks the last of the days which make up” for Shavuot. 
In other words, there is the holiday of Shavuot itself, the 50th day. 
Shavuot is the only one of the three holidays in which the Jews triumphantly marched up to the Temple in Jerusalem (Passover and Succot are the others), which is only 1 day. 
We receive the Torah all at once with the cheesecake and all and it’s quick and sleepless.
After a period of 49 days it seems like it’s back to business as usual. 
This is where these last 6 days after the actual holiday come in. 
These auspicious days are called the days of “tashlumim” of making up, come to remind us, it’s all about the intention. 
It’s interesting that this day also coincides with the 12th day of Sivan. 
12 always represents multiplicity, and the month of Sivan represents contradictions that are resolved.
When we can bring presence or Oneness into multiplicity, we actually receive the Torah. 
It is interesting that this week’s Parsha B’haalotcha speaks about Aharon, the High priest who lights the candles of the Menorah. The Torah says that all of the six candles should face the middle candle 🕯️ 
This teaches that all six emotional dimensions are infused with the Oneness of the middle candle.l teaching that our various personalities and perspectives are all infused with this transcendent holiness that comes from Aharon, the High Priest. 
This is, of course, a lifetime of work, and we can become overwhelmed by where we are compared to where we think we should be. 
Yet, it’s really important to be reminded that Hashem loves our striving and our multiplicity. 
After all, he made us this way, and that is where he can be found. 
By accepting yet not settling for our own shortcomings and by recognizing that we desire, we seek, that Oneness yet are not “there yet,” we can begin to integrate Torah, the 50 gates, the Oneness into our lives.
As we do this let us remember and not forget that Hashem is with us and supporting us on this vast journey of life. Yom Tov! Many blessings ✨ 
Rabbi Amichai
Thank you to Yahel Levi for the amazing painting. Message for more info about her art. 

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