Spiritual Tips For Survival In The War of Gog and Magog

believe gog and magog moshiach shabbat Nov 02, 2023

In these trying times, we are facing unprecedented levels of attacks on Israel and Jews both physically and through unbiased reporting in the news and on social media.  

Many of us are facing and forced to face for the first time in our lives the horror of war, which brings up so much intensity and unknowns.  

In this class, we delved into spiritual tips brought by our Sages to survive the war of Gog and Magog and the birth pains of Moshiach. The great Kabbalistic Philosopher -Maharal of Prague, gives us a deeper understanding of what it means to learn the Torah and do good deeds.  

We explored what to focus on and how to shift our perspective from fear and anxiety to access our powerful lights.  So many of our brothers and sisters are doing this now in Israel and worldwide, stepping up their game and into their true greatness as individuals and a collective.

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