The Arizal on overeating- Parshat Shemot

arizal kabbalah parsha Dec 25, 2018

 “These are the names of the Children of Israel. with Jacob each man and his household, coming (descending) into Egypt”

 A New King

The new King who “did not know Joseph” is the Yeter Hara - the negative inclination, called an old foolish king. This king has no knowledge of G-d (called Joseph), “and he told his nation”- the powers of negativity. “The nation of Israel is becoming great and mightier than us”, the Yeter tov- positive inclination is becoming mightier than us.

Pharaoh had to do something- quick!

The Israelites are summoned to build cities of storage for Pharaoh. Pharaoh has the letters of העורף- the nape. Unlike the face, the nape is desensitized and the inner (holier) motivation is unseen.  The pyramids -“let us build cities of storage, Pitom and Rameses”- let us subjugate the body within the powers of negativity.

Negative eating

Pitom- “the mouth of the abyss” has the letters פה תהום. Pharaoh devised a plan; See food diet - whatever food one sees, one eats, becoming totally consumed by every whim of the Yeter Hara.

Rameses “negative digestion” has the letters רע מסס. The overconsumption of food has a negative effect on the digestion. Nevertheless, “As they afflicted him, so he became great and so he expanded”, the positive powers of the soul keep on maturing, even within the over addicted eating habits.


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