The Month Of Iyar - Taurus

Apr 14, 2021

The acronym for the month of Iyar is " Ani Hashem Rofecha"- "I am Hashem the Healer". Inherent in this month is a special power to bring healing to ourselves and the world.

This month is unique in that every day we have a special Mitzvah (commandment) to count the Sefirot Haomer.

Each day we refine a different one of the Sefirot, the emotional attributes of our soul. This process of self-refinement brings emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

According to the Sefer Yetzira, the sense of the month is thought. Positive thinking is the key to accessing higher levels of faith and is super intertwined with our emotional and physical health.

Blessings for a beautiful healing and redemptive month for everyone and for the entire world!

Love, Miriam

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