The War of Light vs. Darkness- And Light Will Prevail

pasrha Oct 13, 2023

The footsteps of Moshiach are blaring. Now is the time to step into our inner Moshiach to be the individual we are intended to become—class on Beresheit and the lessons in these trying times.

In a matter of less than a few days, the lives of millions of Israelis, Jews, and Gentiles from around the world were changed.

To say that the war and the horrific pain and grief are staggering is an understatement. 

We under 50 generations in Israel have never experienced the intensity we have seen in the last few days. 

We have come from close to a month of Holidays culminating with Simchat Torah, one of the most joyous days on the calendar. Simchat Torah was never more stark than the one we experienced. 

It is known that Simchat Torah is associated with the completion of the Torah and the beginning of the Torah again in Beresheit- Genesis. 

The first Parsha we read and live with this week is Beresheit-Genesis, the story of creation, man's downfall, the rivalry of Cain and Abel, and the decadent generation of the flood. The creation of light and darkness is one of the most esoteric parts of the Parsha. Light-Or is called- Tov, good, whereas darkness tests our resolve of living on the superb potential Hashem intends for us.

This year and right now, we are called to go to war with darkness from the outside but, more importantly, from the inside.

There is no longer time to self-doubt in a time of war, you do. 

Light will prevail in this war of light vs. darkness, and the time is now!

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