Women's New Moon Circle- Holding Duality| Cheshvan- Scorpio

women's circle Oct 16, 2023

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan -Scorpio, we will gather together in learning and prayer in the merit of the peace, safety, and victory of our Brothers and sisters in Israel. We will delve into our ability to hold conflicting feelings and learn how Cheshvan is a powerful month of holding our human duality. It is hard to wrap our heads around the atrocities happening to the Jewish people right now.

It has taken us a few days to come out of the initial shock and be able to put some coherent words into this unthinkable situation. The duality that we are holding is of exponential proportions. Yes. We are all full of shock, fear, anxiety, and rage, and a wave of intense darkness is coming over us. Yet the strength that we have is feelings all those feelings. At the same time, we are given the power to dig so deep into our inner resources, the reservoirs of faith, love, and deep bitachon, which is our real ammunition.

The Zohar says that through learning the deeper dimensions of the Torah, "we will be redeemed with mercy." Through learning the spiritual dimensions of the Torah and, most importantly, LIVING and integrating it into our lives, we will be redeemed from this dark exile. We are all asking ourselves, what can we do? We are at the culmination of this exile where the prophecies said, "The spirit of impurity will be banished from the earth." Evil is coming out and being exposed. Why? To be removed from this earth forever. Hashem is setting up this crazy plot and fighting the battle for us.

As His soldiers and commanders, we are given the badge and the mandate to do our part. We are at the culmination of the High Holidays, where our prayers pierced the heavens, "Torah, Prayers, and Charity remove the evil decrees". We are praying our hearts out. I can't even imagine how many chapters of Tehillim have been said worldwide. We are giving charity.

The amount of charity that has been given from all around the globe to provide for our soldiers is indeed stands in our merit. NOW is the time to step up our learning of the Mystical Torah so that we can fulfill the promise of the Zohar that we will be redeemed through learning the Mystical Torah. Amid the sounds of the sky shaking with fighter jets and the sounds of booms, we are moving forward with every bit of our strength in planning for next year's Living Redemption: Intro To Kabbalah Program. What is giving us the strength to do this during such trying times? Because we believe with every cell of our being, we need to spread more and more light and G-dly consciousness in the world.

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