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In this year-long Journey, Live Kabbalah presents you with a profound learning and transformative experience. 


The Yearly Semester experience begins with the spiritual and culminates with the physical.


Man's purpose is to integrate and embody all of the Divine potential, which is ready and available for us in the Universe. 


Join us as we journey through an unmatched learning and transformative experience.

Together with Rabbi Amichai & Miriam and transformational guest teachers from around the world.


How will you transform?

Each course provides invaluable lessons and tools

  • Better understand the metaphysical world
  • Expand your mind & heart to your spiritual reality
  • Understand how the cosmos affect our life
  • Go beyond your birth chart & Zodiac sign 
  • What Is The Essential Quest of Man throughout the Ages
  • The Mystical traditions found within Judaism
  • How PrayercCan Transform Your Reality
  • Become more intentional & serene in your life
  • How to become connected and in tune with the body as a vehicle of the soul
  • The mind, body, and soul connection as a way of healing 
  • Bring intentionality & consciousness to eating 
  • How to eat intuitively  

The Metaphysical - Beyond The One Percent

With Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen | October 30th- November 20th, 2022

Learn about the metaphysical reality which is found around us. Although our physical eyes can not see these realities, Kabbalah teaches about the vast scope of spiritual worlds, angels, and spirits. In these realities, space and time operate differently, and much like the matrix, we can enter these realities by knowing more about them. 


Kabbalah & Astrology 

With Guest Teacher Rachel Schwartz | November 28th- December 18th, 2022

The Kabbalistic tradition uses the knowledge of Astrology for us to understand better who we are and become more focused on our life mission, our Tikun. While we are not limited to our astrological charts, they do have a significant effect on all aspects of our lives. Learn about the Kabbalistic perspective of astrology and our ability to transcend and cocreate our destiny in all areas of our lives. 


Psychedelics & Judaism

With Guest Teacher Madison Margolin | January 8th- January 29th, 2023

Judaism is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions yet seems devoid of spirituality and emphasis on the mystical experience. In truth, Judaism's very essence is the transcendent experience. For many people, Psychedelics and plants have been a way to tap into the mystical dimensions. In this course, we will delve into man's need for awe-inspired and transcendent and transcendental experiences and how these experiences are found and are an integral part of Judaism.

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Healing Through Prayer

With Guest Teacher Haya Baker | February 19th- March 19th, 2023
While many people understand the value of prayer, most have not tapped into the profound potential of healing within the heart of prayer. In this course, we will delve into prayer as a tool for creating shifts in all areas of our lives, from physical ailments to spiritual, emotional, and financial realms. 

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Somatic Healing

With Guest Teacher Jessie Shapiro | April 23rd- May 14th, 2023
Kabbalah teaches that the body comes from a higher source than the soul. It is through using the body as a vehicle to engage and uplift the physical world that we fulfill the ultimate purpose of creation which is to make a dwelling place for G-d in the physical world. By cultivating a deeper connection and appreciation for our body as a Divine Temple, we can use the body to access our higher consciousness and bring deep healing and integration to our mind, body, and soul. 

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Conscious Eating

With Miriam & Guest Teacher  Devori Nussbaum | June 4th- June 25th, 2023
Humanity's first sin was Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge without the right intention. Since our first sin was unholy eating, only its opposite can fix it. Through bringing G-dly consciousness to our eating, we elevate and transform this world and all of its pleasures to its source. We ultimately fulfill the purpose of creation which is the fusion of the physical and spiritual. 

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