Membership Tiers

Complimentary /Free Membership Includes:

- Sample Classes Kabbalah Academy and PDF notes

- Sample Classes for Master Classes: Zohar, AriZal, Ba'al Shem Tov, Alter Rebbe classes with PDF notes.

- Kabbalah & Me: Bite size ideas relating to your life.

- 4 Recorded Webinars from Ascent of Tzfat.


Premium Membership Includes:

- Over 100 Kabbalah Academy, Master Classes, Kabbalah & Me and Recorded Webinars.

- Access to PDF notes with assessments and meditations coming soon.

- Level tiered for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students.

- 10 new classes added each month.

- Correspondence with teachers.


Community Membership Includes:

All features of Premium Membership and 

Correspondence with teachers with special events and small live classes based on your interest. 

- Help Support other students and support LK activities. 



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