The Tools - The Ten Sefirot Applied 

Personal transformation IS possible using the Ten Sefirot blueprint of GROWTH and becoming our HIGHER self!


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"The Tools- The Sefirot Applied"

8 Week Spring Semester: Starting April 25th - June 13th

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Week 1: Chesed: Active Love

  • Letting go, clearing our hearts and minds from past hurts
  • Building: Creating a sanctuary in our hearts
  • Giving to others in order to water the growing compassion inside of us
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Week2:  Gevurah -Facing Pain

  • Learning how to say NO, inner discipline, and setting healthy borders 
  • Moving out of our comfort zone
  • Reversal of desire - facing and being comfortable with pain
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Week 3: Tiferet  Inner Authority

  • Awareness of the shadow self, inner child, and animal self

  • Cultivating balance & harmony

  • Self-expression & creativity

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Week 4: Netzach- Courage

  • Mortality, the transience of life

  • Willpower, cultivating determination and persisting despite obstacles

  • Courage and forward motion

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Week 5: Hod - Gratitude

  • Acceptance of what is and what needs to get done

  • Real humility/ healthy Self-esteem

  • Cultivating gratitude

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Week 6: Yesod- Bonding 

  • Intimacy and deeper bonding techniques with our significant other
  • Cultivating trust
  • The secret to creating and receiving financial abundance 


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Week 7: Malchut- Feminine Power

  • Find the leader within
  • The power of expression and speech

  • Coming in touch with our true feminine side

  • Cultivating confident presence

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Week 8 : Keter/ Chochma/ Binah

  • Emunah- connecting to true faith, higher will, and healthy pleasure

  • Positive Thinking techniques

  • Rebooting and implanting positive memories

Presented by:  

Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen Co-Founders of Live Kabbalah School

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An Immersive Experience Into The Fabric of Our Existence 

  • 8 Live Sessions With Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen

  • Special Guest Speakers who will bring out how to LIVE these concepts

  • Recorded video & audio  supplemental classes

  • Tasks, Meditations & Journalling Excersises 

  • Workbook & PDF Notes

  • Access To The Upcoming "The Tools" book


The Doorway to the Subconscious Student Testimonials

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Missy Scherr-Phillips,

Maryland, USA

“This course has been transformative in that the layers upon layers of stuck energies are beginning to reveal themselves and I am less resistant to deeply exploring and addressing very old barriers. Thank you !!!”

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Shalhevet Marquart,

Oregon, USA

This course empowered me and helped me to break free from the anxiety and I to help me feel empowered.  I realized that the power is in building, nurturing and accessing my Da’as and living from a perspective of positivity and love.”

Our Guest Teachers

Live Kabbalah is honoured to present to you our 4 guest teachers who each exemplify one of the Tools which we teach in the course. Each will present as well as share powerful exercises.


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Oren Meron

Keter/ Chochma/ Binah | Subconscious Reprogramming  

Is a Subconscious programming expert.He will speak about how to reprogram our minds. Oren is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist, and an Emotional Intelligence Coach, specialising in releasing Emotional Blockage. As a high tech program and IDF Major Sergent, Oren brings a unique perspective on the power of our minds.

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Chaim David Taragan

Chesed | Active Love

Is an energy healer and Kabbalist who helps people and groups tap into their souls, including past life blockages. Chaim David comes from a business background (Wharton graduate) and opened up to his healing abilities as an emissary shaliach to bring down light into  the world, and making public what has come down to him through this work, specifically about the Geula. (he Final Redemption).

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Chana Gorenstein

Tiferet | Finding Balance 

Is a health coach and teacher who helps people not only loose weight, but also come to a healthy approach to food, exercise, and body image.

Her own journey with weight loss through Brightlines and finding the right balance of healthy exercise has helped her coach her clients in a real and unique way. 

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Jenny Goldfarb

Yesod | Developing An Abundance Mindset 

Founder of "Unreal Deli" and winner of Shark Tank will speak about persistence and abundance thinking. As a mother of 3 from California, she used her entrepreneurial skills but more importantly the Kabbalistic wisdom which she has studied for years as a student and a teacher in various institutions. 

Check out her clip from Shark Tank here:

Recorded Classes

In addition to these wonderful luminaries, we will present recordings of past teachers. 

Mrs. Chaya Ben Baruch- adopted 5 special needs children

Chana Margolis- On persistence and surviving cancer

Gabriel Israel- The power of Gratitude 

Zalman Nelson MSW- Accessing positive thinking 

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Semester Includes:

  • 12 Recorded Classes & PDF Notes

  • 8 Live & Interactive Webinar Classes

  • 6 Inspirational Guest Teachers

  • Weekly Meditations On Each Sefira To Help Integrate The Learning

  • Workbook With Daily Exercises & Meditations

  • Watch Recordings At Your Pace & Convenience 




Semester Includes:

  • 12 Recorded Classes & PDF Notes

  • 8 Live & Interactive Webinar Classes

  • 6 Inspirational Guest Teachers

  • Weekly Meditations On Each Sefira To Help Integrate The Learning

  • Workbook With Daily Exercises & Meditations

  • Watch Recordings At Your Pace & Convenience