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Hey there! My name is Amichai Cohen, I am a rabbi, spiritual mentor and teacher. I have been privileged to teach thousands of students of all ages and background from around the world, both online and in person.
Learning & integrating the teachings of of this ancient wisdom will help you transform your relationships, communication skills, find joy and meaning in your life and reaching your highest potential. 
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Live Kabbalah is an Online School which is divided into three sections; Kabbalah & Me, Kabbalah Academy and Master Classes. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced students, you will take your learning to the next level.

How does this wisdom apply in my day to day life? How will Kabbalah make me happier and more fulfilled in my personal life and relationships with others? 




Learn the basics. Understand core concepts and fundamental ideas taught sequentially and how it applies to our day to day life.

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In-depth study of classic and contemporary Kabbalistic texts, some accessible in English for the first time.
Study texts such as the Zohar, Baal Shem Tov, Arizal on the weekly Torah portion, and more.


Intriguing & Profound Courses

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The Sefirot are your spiritual soul DNA, as well as the root of your emotional and intellectual makeup. This life changing course will teach you what the Sefirot are, and how to apply this knowledge to YOUR life.

Learn the tools of how to recognize and understand your emotional world and how to channel the emotions and thoughts that flood us in a healthy and balanced way, enhancing your relationships with others and with G-d.

Live Kabbalah Courses

Life Mentoring & Coaching

Work 1:1 or with a small group with Rabbi Amichai on how to live the life which you are destined to live. Learn the practical tools for authentic living.

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Life Mentoring & Coaching

"Amichai is an original thinker, profound, focused and sincere. As a teacher he has the ability to open learners up to a fresh way of thinking. He also helps them access purpose and a sensing of their own soul. I consider it a privilege to hear him teach and know him as a person."

Shimona Tzukernik
Internationally acclaimed speaker and "The Kabbalah Coach"

"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practical both in his teachings and in life itself"

Mordechai David Naseck
Lecturer, practitioner, and teacher in the Holistic Healing Arts

"Thank you for adding a much needed component in my life, daily spirituality and a connection to an amazing teacher coming from an authentic source!!"

Stacey Dornfeld
Former Taglit/Birthright Student, Teacher- Los Angeles, California

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Apply the deep wisdom into your life with profound Meditations on concepts learned.

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