A Virtual Mystical Tour of Tzfat 🌼

kabbalah tzfat Oct 21, 2021

Hi everyone! this is super exciting!

We are almost ready to release our new mystical tour of Tzfat. Known as the city of Kabbalah and mysticism, Tzfat is one of the most unique cities in the world.

With a rich 2000-year-old history, diverse population, and incredible charm, Tzfat is a destination for millions of people worldwide. 

Due to the current Covid restrictions which prevent the many eager tourists from visiting, we created this fascinating virtual tour of Tzfat.

Whether you have visited the city in the past or have never been, this tour is sure to inspire and enrich you with historical backgrounds, beautifully captured video images, and deep spiritual insight as it relates to this mystical city.

This comprehensive tour is almost ready to be released and will be included as a special bonus for those who register for the Live Kabbalah semester learning. 

Sign up for "The Fundamentals of Kabbalah" Semester starting Sunday, October 24th. 

Find out more here

1. Historical Background (week 1)  
2. Intro To Kabbalah (week 2)
3. Reasons for Creation (week 3)
4. Our Human Make-Up (week 4)  + Guest Teacher 
5. 5 Levels of Soul (week 5)
6. Constant Recreation (week 6)
7. 4 Spiritual World (week 7) 
8. Surrounding and inner light (week 8) + Guest Teacher 


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