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Coming off of the high frequency of Chanukah, an oasis of time that infuses us with light and opens us up to channel down miracles in our lives. There can often be a feeling of a void and a lack of inspiration after such an intense download of spiritual light.

According to the mystical teachings of the Torah, the essence of Chanuka is infused within the energy of the month of Tevet. On the one hand, this month is an earth sign; the zodiac energy of the month can draw us into the practical, day-to-day, which can seem void of meaning and purpose.

Let's learn together about the potential of infusing the highest lights and see the true fusion of the spiritual and physical available for us this month. At Live Kabbalah, we give students access to deep and authentic wisdom with lessons that have been.

Etymology of the word Tevet

1. Lehativ: Duetronomy: Aharon goes up to kindle (set up) the candles in the Temple and it says “Lehativcha Et Hanerot”. The entire month has within it the essence of Chanuka which is about candles and illuminating the darkness

2. Tevet comes from the word Tov- Light is called Tov
״וירא את האור כי טוב״

The word Ohr ( Light) is the 25th word of the Torah.
Chanuka is the 25th day of Kislev

The first light of creation was called the Ohr Haganuz- this hidden light, lasted for 36 hours before it was hidden away and will be revealed again in the world to come ( With Moshiach!!)

The word Ohr light is said 36 times in the Torah

On Chanuka we light 36 candles and we draw down this hidden light this Divine light, are soul light is activated and we are able to manifest this hidden light of our soul!!

Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam- That man soul is compared to a candle in just like a candle is always ascending upwards so too within us we have this part of us that is a piece of G-d that is always ascending upwards.

Talmud Megillah- It says that Esther was chosen to be taken into the house of Achashverosh on the 10th month (Tevet).

Why Tevet? Talmud says that its the coldest month of the year and there is a need for a body to be warmed up by another body-

Pshat level- Achashversoh was cold and so he was looking for human companionship to warm him up, so he chose Esther.

Deeper level- Achashversoh refers to the king of all kings (G-d). G-d took Esther, refers to the realm of Malchut- the earth, the feminine ( the lowest realm, the most far away realm that can conceal G-dliness) to be unified with Him during this month.

Sign of the month is Capicorn/ Goat- an earth sign
Capicorns are very connected to Malchut- being in the world ( organized, ambituous, practical, goal oriented). I have 2 Capricorn sons.

The Chassidic perspective is that in the earth- physical we have the ability to reveal the greatest levels of G-dliness.
Like the Mountain Goat- it is a climber ( cliffs and heights) and it is always ascending upwards. Like the idea of the unification of Malchut, ascending upwards.

Etymology of Tevet- is Toveia (to drown)- we can either drown by the day to day and practical or we can rise above it. Toveia is also rain and can be annoying or see the blessing!

So this month represents these 2 polar opposites coming together. There is a marriage of opposites.

This is the darkest month of the year and yet there is so much hidden light in the essence of the month.

Through connecting to the hidden light of our soul- the small jar of pure oil we connect these 2 opposites ( when we find our own light hidden in the darkness) and there is tremendous potential in this month!!

Tenth of Tevet-

Which is the day when the Babylonian King (Nebuchadnezer) surrounded the walls of Jerusalem. It was the start of the destruction!! The destruction ended on the 9th of Av but this was the beginning of it all. It’s a serious fast day, it can actually take place on Shabbat or on Friday.

Bc it really represents the beginning of the destruction, the beginning of the darkness and concealment of G-dliness in the world.

Nebuchadnezer putting a siege around Jerusalem it says “Samach”- which really means to support or buttress. Its the opposite, he surrounded the walls to destroy!

Lesson- on the surface it can seem like destruction but in its essence there is an inner good!!

The reason for the destruction was bc of baseless hatred one for another. So, he surrounded the walls and kept everyone out and he wanted everyone to be forced to work together and to find peace with one another.

Thats the essence of Chanuka!!
Its within then darkness that we can access our greatest light!!

If you look at a candle there is so many colors within but the hottest part of the candle closest to the wick is black. The purpose of the darkness ( in our life) is so that we will shine!! That our light will shine!!

olive oil- which is made by crushing the olives. Sometimes we feel crushed (especially this year!) but its through the crushing that the light of our soul will shine forth.

Oil represents also Pnimiyut Hatorah- The more we connect to inner Torah- the more we are able to connect to the light of our soul and then our true/ higher self can shine!!


Letter of the month is Ayin

Ayin means the eye- this month is connected to rectified sight.
Rectified sight comes from seeing through the surface level of reality.
Of seeing through to our essence. seeing ourselves in a much deeper way that is much more than our external circumstances or actions.

Rectification of the 10th of Tevet- start of the destruction is the rebuilding of the Temple where we will SEE Godliness

All of us have so much concealed potential within us that we don’t SEE!!

When we gaze at the light of the Chanuka Candles RECTIFIES our eyes do that we see the concealed potential hidden within ourselves and help to illuminate others!!

The lights of Chaunka allows us to SEE the potential and bring it down into actuality.

to SEE the manifestation of these as the light of the 36 candles of Chanuka.

The last day of Chanuka is called Zot Chanuka and it is the final seal of the high holidays


Chanuka mediation
relax your jaw
relax your neck, shoulders
Feel yourself in the chair

“Ner Hashem Nishmat Adam”- Mans soul is like a candle

“ Elokei nishama shenatata bi Tehora Hi”

Your soul is pure, a piece of G-d within you

Like the pure jar of oil

Visualize the candle, the different colors- yellow, orange, blue and then black the darkest/ hottest part of the candle
Bring up any feeling of imperfection, shame, worries, limiting beliefs you may have
Within that darkness you can shine your greatest light

Really you are perfectly imperfect and G-d loves every part of you
Imagine the light of your soul, this piece of G-d within you bringing light and love to all that darkness and watch it dissipate and burn away

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