The AriZal's Hillula- Women's Circle/ Rise of The Feminine


The 5th of Av, marks the hillula ( day of passing) of the Arizal, one of the foremost Kabbalists buried in Tzfat.

In this special women's Circle, we come together to learn about the Ari's profound approach to the power and rise of the feminine soul. 

We will explore a powerful teaching of the Arizal that explains the rise of the feminine in the footsteps of the Messianic era and learn powerful tools to access our true feminine strength, power, and potential. 

Looking forward to sharing one of my most favorite and empowering teachings that have seriously transformed my life, and I'm sure it will for you as well!!

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NETZACH means fortitude. What defines true netzach? Listen to Miriam's great insight into the week of Netzach.

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New Moon Women's Circle Month of Adar - Pisces


This special women's circle was in the merit of the complete healing of our precious 2-year-old, Sara Bracha bat Miriam Shifra. She was badly burned and was in the ICU. Please join us in prayers and to learn Torah together in the merit of her complete recovery!!

The month of Adar/Pisces is known as one of the most auspicious on the Jewish calendar. The Talmud says that when we enter into the month of Adar, we are supposed to increase in joy each and every day.  Kabbalah and Chassidus teach us the secrets to true inner joy, even when our outer experiences and circumstances make it seem totally unattainable. 

In this soul gathering, we focus on what true happiness is and how to live with happiness- Simcha!

In our special Live Kabbalah New Moon Women's Circle, we explore the depth, energy, and potential of this incredible month which has the holiday of Purim in it. Are you ready for possible unexpected blessed turnarounds in your life? I am!

Let's harness this power and...

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Women United to bring Healing to the World

On Rosh Chodesh Adar our precious 2 year old daughter experienced serious burns that lead to many complications. The unity and love that we felt from people all over the world, praying for her, doing Mitzvot (good deeds in her merit) LITERALLY carried us through this ordeal and helped to channel down this miracle from above.

Experiencing a miracle of that magnitude has surely changed my life forever. All the concepts that I had learnt for so many years about faith, unity, positive thinking, the power of joy, transforming darkness to light was being challenged through the test of my life.

Join me on Thursday, March 18th, for an evening of thanksgiving and gratitude for the miracle that we experienced, and to share the life lessons and light that was accessed during these dark times with all of YOU who helped channel down this miracle.

The Talmud says that "in the merit of righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt and will be redeemed in the future redemption”. I am excited...

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New Moon Women’s Circle - Month of Nissan - Aries

The month of Nissan -Aries is called “the first month of the year” (Exodus 12,2).

The name Nissan comes from the root word New-Miracle. The reason being that this month reveals the supernatural and miraculous aspect of existence.

This past month we experienced first hand Hashem miracles with a medical challenge that we went through with our daughter, Chaya Sara Bracha bas Miriam Shifra. There has been so much learnt from this experience and being enveloped in the kindness of Hashem that knows no bounds.

In our New Moon Women’s Circle we will delve into how to manifest miracles in our lives by removing our self imposed resistance to accepting the goodness and miracles which Hashem has in store for us.

We hope you'll join us! 




Topic: Nissan Women’s Circle 

Time: Monday, March 15th, 2021 @ 8:30 pm ILT/ 1:30 PM EST / 10:30 Pacific  


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The Age of Aquarius! New Moon Women's Circle- The Month Of Shevat


As we transition from the earth sign of Tevet- Capricorn to the air sign of Shevat- Aquarius, we all feel a deep shift within and without in the world around us. 

It is no surprise that the month of Shevat heralds the budding of the trees on the 15th of the month, representing renewal and rejuvenation. The acronym of the new month is Shnitbaser Besorot Tovot- שבט/ May we hear good news. 

I look forward to sharing some of deep Torah on this new exciting month.

Join me and incredible women from around the world at this soul gathering! 


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Shabbat For All of Humanity & The Feminine Redemption


Need inspiration? Watch this class on On Keeping Shabbat Together, The Coronavirus & The Feminine Redemption. 

This Shabbat the majority of the world will be homebound. The Coronavirus has placed back in our element of acceptance which is taking us to what Kabbalah & Chassidut call Malchut - the era of redemption. 



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🌸 Women’s Wisdom: Nurturing Ourselves- Receiving In Order To Give


Kabbalah & Me- Women are connected to the Sefira of Malchut, the culmination the Sefirotic Tree. Malchut is all about receiving in order to give. Ladies go ahead and receive, nurture yourselves, in order to shine your light into the world!
Go to for more authentic and practical wisdom.

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Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul

Access Live Kabbalah's complimentary in-depth Class & PDF Notes on Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul, Kabbalah & Judaism's approach on reincarnations.