The Power of Play- With Aviva Spiegel

creativity women's wisdom Jun 10, 2022
Live Kabbalah School
The Power of Play- With Aviva Spiegel

As part of Live Kabbalah's "Upgrade Your Consciousness semester, Miriam and guest teacher and friend Aviva Speigel, shared insights on how we can access our own creativity, joy, and playfulness. 

Aviva is the founder & producer of the Tambourine Dream Festival and has developed and coached women in the "Makom B'Maagal" method, which facilitates harmonious and creative expression circles using movement, rhythm, and voice.

Aviva is passionate about connecting women together so that we can help each other to move deeper into connection with ourselves, each other, and Hashem.

Listen to the discussion, plus the group movement activity which Aviva facilitated. 

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