Adar-Pisces: Miracles Normalized 🎉 🐟

adar beyond the zodiac jewishzodiac zodiac Feb 09, 2024

The month of Adar is one of the most joyous and auspicious months on the calendar.  This year, we are in a leap year and are celebrating two Adars or 60 days of Adar.   When this happens (every 2-3 years), there is a special inherent potential that we can tap into. In a sense, we become nullified within these 60 days and its potential.  The month of Adar teaches us about the power of miracles. Not miracles that are above nature, but rather miracles that are within nature.   In this class, we explore the root of these two types of miracles and how to access the special energy of these 60 days.

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