G-d Desires The Heart- The Ba'al Shem Tov On Prayer

chassidut Dec 26, 2018

One of the main tenants of Chassidic philosophy is that “G-d desires the heart”. While the mind is the seat of the intellect and logic, it is nevertheless fallible to self absorption and ego.

The Mishnah says that “the world stands upon 3 pillars: Torah, Teffilah and charitable deeds”. The Kabbalists says that the Mishnah’s assessment of “the world stands- exists” refers to the totality of the world’s existence. If mankind is viewed in terms of collective time, it stands that the earlier generations fixed the aspect of learning Torah on the supreme level of allowing the world to “stand”. The latter generations are meant to fix the 2 remaining pillars of Teffilah and charitable deeds.

In some Kabbalistic writings it is brought out that the job of the really latter generations- us, is to fix prayer, while in others it is to fix charitable deeds.

In light with the Chassidic approach to prayer both approaches are true, since it is only through prayer that we can really perfect our deeds. Deeds without intention are meek and do not have the mindful strength to have their true long-lasting affect.

It is for this reason that the Ba’al Shem Tov and the rest of the Masters of Chassidut placed prayer as supreme, for G-d desires the heart. It is within the capacity of every person to reach deep within and find the uniqueness of his individuality, thereby connecting to the infinite nature of the universe and one self.

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