What is the Root Cause of Shame?

ana b'koach healing inner vibe parsha shame Mar 29, 2024

Watch and listen to this profound and important class on the roots of shame and how we may heal it.

Shame is something we all have. In fact, it is part of our human DNA and is stamped deeply into our psyche.

After the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, Adam, the first man, was asked by G-d in the Garden of Eden, "Where are you?' Cain was asked after the murder of his brother Abel, "Where is Abel, your brother?" 

Is G-d shaming us? Or is there another way of understanding shame? Is there a difference between negative and positive shame, and can we transcend negative shame?

This week, we read the third special reading of the year, which prepares us for the month of Nissan. This reading is called Para, referring to the purity of the red heifer. To understand what purity truly means, we must understand what shame is and connect it to our true inner purity.

Listen: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/livekabbalah/episodes/What-is-the-Root-Cause-of-Shame-e2hna83

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