Welcoming Greater Light Through the Veil of Darkness: Chanukah's Eighth Day

chanuka healing mindfulness parsha Dec 14, 2023

The eighth day of Chanukah is also called "Zot Chanukah" or "this is Chanukah" because it captures the essence of the holiday.

In this class, we explore the two opinions of Beit Hillel and Beit Shamai about seeing the actual now vs accessing potential.

How do we surrender to a great place of oneness and release our limiting beliefs? Why do we mention the wars and challenges?

Chanukah entails us sitting with our darkness and realizing that it, too, is light waiting to be transmuted.

On Zot Chanukah, the full candelabra of light shines and dispels the darkness, opening ourselves for a vaster, infinite light of the essence of G-d.

We take this into the 9th day and beyond when we do not see the light. However, we see a greater light, which we no longer mistake as just darkness. It is light waiting to be recognized. This is- Zot Chanukah.

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