Miracles Normalized- The Month of Nissan

israel at war miracles moshe nissan Apr 04, 2024

The new month of Nissan is called "the eight days." This auspicious day comes after seven days of preparation, during which Moshe erects and disassembles the Mishkan—the Tabernacle. On the eighth day, the Mishkan becomes the spiritual edifice where the Shechina (Divine presence) resides in the world. 

The month of Nissan represents the above nature dimension. The name Nissan means miracles, and during this month, we assume the above natural reality of love, joy, and compassion as our true selves.

Join us as we discuss the inner meaning of the auspicious seven days, which we are in called the days of "Miluim" or "completion," and the 8th day, the new month Nissan.  


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