Perseverance Through Adversity: Interview With Adam Kellerman

healing podcast Jun 24, 2024

At the young age of 13, Adam contended with cancer in his right hip, which was eventually amputated. In his journey as a paraplegic Australian Olympian tennis player ranked 8th in the world, Adam had to quit his Olympic aspirations after sustaining another injury.

In July 2017, Kellerman was part of a humanitarian trip to Tanzania with one of his sponsors, EG Funds, to visit one of the charities they support, Neema Crafts. Kellerman shared his story and message of "to look for your abilities and strengths beyond any physical disability" with the staff of the Neema Crafts. He also took this opportunity to run a training camp and donate equipment to the wheelchair tennis teams in Tanzania and Kenya. Adam retired from wheelchair tennis in January 2019.

Since then, he has trained in a year-long program to offer mentorships, completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and is a Certified Calligraphy Health Instructor and meditation teacher. Adam is a motivational speaker, coach, meditation teacher, and a role model for staying persistent amid adversity.


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