The Leper, The Kohen & Healing of Souls

healing inner vibe parsha Apr 12, 2024


In this class, we delve into the Kabbalistic approach to healing. The Kohen is the healer and the leper is who is being healed.

The Arizal teaches that our pulse indicates where the Divine life force is at. Our traumas are indications of where we are asked to heal from release old attachments and allow the Divine life force called Chochma in our lives.  

In Parshat, Tzaria, we learn about the leper and the healing of leprosy.  Leprosy is a skin condition with a spiritual root. The Torah says that if a person suspects that they have leprosy, they must "come to the Kohen" and show him the white patches.

The Kohen determines whether the person is an actual leper and quarantines him for seven days.   In our Inner Vibe class, we will delve into what leprosy is from the spiritual dimension and why is a leper, called "Adam," the highest description of man?  

How does leprosy translate into our lives in 2024 in terms of healing our traumas and ailments?  The Kohen is the ultimate Jewish healer who facilitates all the healing and transformation of the leper.

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