The Life & Times of Rabbi Avraham Azulai & The Holy City of Hebron

chesed l'avraham kabbalah webinar Oct 29, 2021

In honor of the Hillula of the master Kabbalist and chief Rabbi of Hebron Rabbi Avraham Azulai, we will be having a special in-depth look at his life and some of his teachings.

His grandson the Chida (Rabbi Chaim Yosef Dovid Azulai) was one of the greatest scholars in the last 200 years talks in exceptional praise about his clarity and erudition in all matters of Torah.

Rabbi Azulai also happens to be my ancestor and feel a deep connection to his teachings. We happen to have a full section in Live kabbalah School dedicated to his monumental book "Chesed L'Avraham".

His life will tie in with the Parsha of the week which talks about the city of Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs

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