Welcome to Live Kabbalah ‚Äď your virtual doorway to profound wisdom and transformative experiences directly streamed from the ancient city of Tzfat, where mystical teachings have thrived for millennia.

Experience the all-inclusive space of Live Kabbalah, offering live and recorded classes, group coaching, meditations, and vibrant community support ‚Äď all seamlessly accessible on one platform.

Embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery, delving into your soul's boundless powers, the spiritual fabric of the universe, and the intricate interplay between mind, body, and soul.

Discover the radiant spark within you, embrace a higher frequency of love, and expand your consciousness within a universe brimming with Divine unity, guided by the timeless teachings of Kabbalah & Chassidus.

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What Does The Full Live Kabbalah Experience Include?

Ongoing Light Warrior Learning Program, weekly Own Your Light Coaching, meditations, and community combined in a single soul space to bring transformation to your life and the world. 

Exploring Oneness with Rabbi Amichai

Engage in weekly live and recorded classes, providing a transformative journey into the profound teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut.

Own Your Light: The Sefirot Applied Coaching with Miriam

Join weekly group coaching and receive spiritual and emotional support‚ÄĒempowering and practical tools to Own Your Light.


Find the peace within yourself with powerful weekly meditations which help integrate concepts learned and foster spiritual growth.


Create connections with like-minded individuals worldwide and support each other's journeys, through our online community and real-time spiritual Revive retreats in Tzfat. 

Join One Of Its Kind Live Kabbalah Program

Your All-in-ONE pass to the Full Live Kabbalah Live Learning and Community-Join Anytime

 Experience the transformation that happens when deep learning of your soul's truth combines with group coaching, meditations, and community support all in one Soul Space.


Choose From One Of Live Kabbalah Offerings

The Full Live Kabbalah Experience 

Weekly Live Learning & Coaching Sessions

Experience the transformation that happens when deep learning of your soul's truth combines with group coaching, meditations, and community support.

Join Rabbi Amichai and Miriam Cohen on Live Kabbalah's one-of-a-kind platform for learning and applying Kabbalah & Chassidus combined with coaching, mentoring & community support.

Check out the exciting curriculum in the link below. Join anytime!



Welcome to Seamless Step By Step Learning, where your journey to self-discovery and enlightenment begins!

Each month, you will gain exclusive access to a new course, carefully curated to deepen your understanding of Kabbalah and enhance your personal development.

Join us as we unlock the mysteries of the universe and uncover the hidden wisdom of Kabbalah, empowering you to transform your life and illuminate your path to enlightenment.


Lamplighters. Practioner Certification Program

This program provides support and guidance to teachers, coaches, and practitioners to harness the knowledge and light of Kabbalah and practical tools to utilize its illuminating wisdom for holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul in those they serve.

Learn to incorporate the principles of Kabbalah & Chassidut in your life and your practice.



Choose from in-depth individual courses, workshops, and semester learning on various topics in Kabbalah and other intriguing subjects.

Some topics include The Divine Names, The Ten Sefirot, Beyond the Zodiac, and guest teacher collaborations. All courses are pre-recorded, and many come with supplemental resources.  These offerings are a one-time purchase for lifetime access. 


 Receive a complimentary Kabbalah Academy lesson with Rabbi Amichai on The 5 Levels of The Soul

Discover the five levels of the soul described in Kabbalah and how to connect to¬†each of them ūüĒ•

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Here are some of the many media appearances which feature Rabbi Amichai

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Here are a few of the valuable testimonials of our dear students. 

"Thank you, Rabbi, for the wonderful class today. I just love the content you bring and the depth of all our discussions. I would also like to say I am just thrilled with the content of all the classes you and Miriam offer in the school and what I have listened to so far. It's totally amazing!!!! At the moment, I am working through the Optimal Living Series, and I so loved your class on healthy living that I just completed. They all are 10/10. The whole series is so well-balanced. For anyone on this group chat who is not in the school yet...I highly recommend it. The content is deep yet understandable and relevant today. I am so grateful HaShem guided me to your school. ūüíĆūüíĆ"

- Talya Yaacov, Real Estate Agent, Vancouver Canada


"After searching for an authentic and trustworthy Kabbalah environment for years, I finally found Live Kabbalah." 

- Adail Munitz, Software Developer, Melbourne, Australia


"Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an original thinker, profound, focused, and sincere. As a teacher, he has the ability to open learners up to a fresh way of thinking. He also helps them access the purpose and sense of their own soul. I consider it a privilege to hear him teach and know him as a person."

- Shimona Tzukernik, Teacher & Life Coach


"I'm so glad to be here. I love these teachings and classes. They‚Äôre great food for my soul‚ÄĒjust what I need right now. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom and sharing it so well!"

- Shalhevet Marquet, Anestesiologist Oregon 


Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practice both in his teachings and in life itself.

- Mordechai David Naseck, Healer and Personal Coach

I came across LiveKabbalah during a low point at which I
had to check myself into the VA hospital for treatment. I found that the mystics of Judaism discovered certain truths I was yearning for, even practical truths that could transform me and facilitate me becoming a benefit to others. There was a transformation. The peace of mind and tranquility of heart I asked for in prayer became my reality. 

I dug into the LiveKabbalah lectures further and learned that one must serve the Lord with joy; in fact, one should perform the necessary acts of the mundane with joy. So I began to put this into practice. The doctors and counselors at the VA hospital¬†are amazed. I‚Äėve rekindled broken relationships with family members, and the better part of me speaks more loudly.

- US Army Veteran, New Mexico

Exploring Oneness
Self Learner Program