Your virtual portal to profound wisdom and transformative experiences streamed from the holy city of Tzfat, where mystical teachings have flourished for millennia.

Live Kabbalah is your ALL-IN-ONE SOUL SPACE, which includes Live and Recorded Classes, Group Coaching, Meditations, and Community Support, all seamlessly accessible in one platform.

 Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of your infinite soul powers, the spiritual make-up of the universe, and the intricate connection between mind, body, and soul.

Discover your inner creative light, open your heart to a higher frequency of love, and expand your consciousness in a universe saturated with Divine oneness, all through the teachings of Kabbalah & Chassidus. 

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The 4 Pillars To Transform Your Life in 2024

Be The Change The World Needs

Learning, coaching, meditation, and community are combined in a single soul space to bring transformation to your life and the world. 


Engage in weekly live and recorded classes, providing a transformative journey into the profound teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut.


Spiritual and emotional support through individual & group coaching. Empowering and practical tools to Own Your Light.


Find the peace within yourself with powerful weekly meditations which help integrate concepts learned and foster spiritual growth.


Create connections with like-minded individuals worldwide and support each other's journeys, through our online community and real-time spiritual Revive retreats in Tzfat. 

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Your ALL-IN-ONE PASS to the Full Live Kabbalah Learning and Community-Join Anytime

 Experience the transformation that happens when deep learning of your soul's truth combines with group coaching, meditations, and community support all in one Soul Space.


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THE ALL-IN-ONE PASS to the full Live Kabbalah Learning and Community

Experience the transformation that happens when deep learning of your soul's truth combines with group coaching, meditations, and community support all in one Soul Space.

Starting January 7th 2024, join anytime


Lamplighters. Practioner Certification Program

This program provides support and guidance to teachers, coaches, and practitioners to harness the knowledge and light of Kabbalah and practical tools to utilize its illuminating wisdom for holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul in those they serve.

Starting January 7th 2024



Self-learner is geared toward those who want access to Live Kabbalah's vast library of content of videos, audio, meditations, and PDF notes on fundamental Kabbalah concepts.

As independent learners, students can access hundreds of hours of Kabbalah Academy classes which are professionally recorded teachings on fundamental Kabbalah concepts as well as Master Classes which delve into Kabbalistic texts.



Choose from in-depth individual courses, workshops, and semester learning on various topics in Kabbalah and other intriguing subjects.

Some topics include The Divine Names, The Ten Sefirot, Beyond the Zodiac, and guest teacher collaborations. All courses are pre-recorded, and many come with supplemental resources.  These offerings are a one-time purchase for lifetime access. 


 Receive a complimentary Kabbalah Academy lesson with Rabbi Amichai on The 5 Levels of The Soul

Discover the five levels of the soul described in Kabbalah and how to connect to each of them 🔥

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Live Kabbalah In The Media 

Rabbi Amichai and Miriam are often interviewed on TV, in Papers, and on podcasts. 

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After searching for an authentic and trustworthy Kabbalah environment for years, I finally found LiveKabbalah. 

- Adail Munitz, Software Developer, Melbourne, Australia


Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an original thinker, profound, focused, and sincere. As a teacher, he has the ability to open learners up to a fresh way of thinking. He also helps them access the purpose and sense of their own soul. I consider it a privilege to hear him teach and know him as a person.

- Shimona Tzukernik, Teacher & Life Coach


Rabbi Amichai Cohen is an amazing teacher. He is gifted with the ability to connect the mystical to the practice both in his teachings and in life itself.

Mordechai David Naseck, Healer and Personal Coach

I came across LiveKabbalah during a low point at which I
had to check myself into the VA hospital for treatment. I found that the mystics of Judaism discovered certain truths I was yearning for, even practical truths that could transform me and facilitate me becoming a benefit to others. There was a transformation. The peace of mind and tranquility of heart I asked for in prayer became my reality. 

I dug into the LiveKabbalah lectures further and learned that one must serve the Lord with joy; in fact, one should perform the necessary acts of the mundane with joy. So I began to put this into practice. The doctors and counselors at the VA hospital are amazed. I‘ve rekindled broken relationships with family members, and the better part of me speaks more loudly.

US Army Veteran, New Mexico









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