Embracing Harmony: Aharon the High Priest & the Month of Av

aharon av chesed cycle of the year three weeks Jul 21, 2023

Aharon, the High Priest was the greatest lover of his fellow human. Similar to Avraham, Aharon bestowed kindness for the sake of kindness. Yet Chassidut teaches us actually surpassed Avraham. While Avraham's kindness is called Chesed, Aharon's kindness is called Rav Chesed- exceeding kindness. 

It is seemingly paradoxical that Aharon's day of passing (the only one mentioned in the entire Torah) is on the first of the month of Av. The month of Av, whose sign is Leo is characterized by fiery intensity, of which we commemorate many difficult moments in our history. 

If so, how can the "man of kindness' pass on the month which seems antithetically contradictory to his essence?

Furthermore, Av means father. 

How can we reconcile these opposing forces of intensity and kindness- all within the same month?

In our "inner Vibe" class we will explore this as well as parenting and self-parenting to align with our inner father-Av.

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