The Florist Magic Touch

student blog ten sefirot May 02, 2021

By Monique Saier 

My 89-year-old neighbor recently reminded me of this anecdote when she mentioned a cute little florist shop that used to be on our street while waiting for her daughter to pick her up. That shop was so convenient for picking up flowers for any occasion imaginable. How she wished that the shop was still there. Now she must go all the way into town to get some flowers.

Previously, it was nearly impossible to walk past that florist shop without returning to wherever you came from with flowers; especially with those pretty colorful tulips flirting with you at the entrance at the start of Spring. The florist's enthusiasm and love for flowers were almost dangerously contagious. Every bouquet radiated love and kindness.

One day, as I was browsing through the card stand, another customer rushed in, pushed past me, and shouted over to the florist: "Hi! Is my bouquet finished yet? The one with the apricot roses?"

"I'll be with you in a minute," the florist replied...

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