The Great Spiritual Awakening - Come to Your Pharaoh

astrology healing parsha psychology transformation Jan 19, 2024

In this week's Parsha-Bo, Moshe is asked to approach Pharoah on his home turf. Moshe is frightened, and the Zohar says that Hashem tells him, "Come with me to Pharoah." Hashem walks Moshe into the fearsome face-to-face with the dark side.

The Zohar gives a secondary interpretation that the Pharoah represents the source from which all lights stem, the Pharoah of holiness. According to this interpretation, Moshe was frightened to approach this source for fear of extinguishing his reality.

Similarly, Hashem tells Moshe, "Come with me." Hashem walks Moshe, a soul within a body, to face his awesome singular experience.   According to both interpretations, Moshe had to relinquish an old pattern and embrace a higher one to move through to the next level of his spiritual evolution.   

We too are asked on this Shabbat Yud Shevat a powerful day to ask ourselves what are we ready to release and what are we ready to embrace.  

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