What was Korach Thinking? Parsha Insights

parsha sefirot Jun 10, 2021

Parsha Korach- A class from the Bat Midrash -6/7/21

One thing that I learned early on in school is not to pick a fight with someone bigger than me. Yet, Korach did just that, picking a fight with Moshe and Aharon.

Korach who was one of the 4 bearers of the Ark of covenant and one of the wealthiest men of the Israelites argues that he and everyone on the community is equal, there by negative the authority of Moshe. 

What was his reason for this? Kabbalah and Chassidut explain the Korach saw the potential of Gevurah and the material world being ultimately more superior to the side of Chesed and spiritual.  Korach foresaw that redemption is associated with he elevation of the lower world. Yet he went too far and did not have the humility of acceptance of the authority of Moshe and G-d and the subservience of the "left to the right side", Levites to Kohanim.

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Netzach Junkies

sefirot May 30, 2021
By Rabbi Amichai Cohen
There are inspiration junkies and Netzach junkies. We all know about inspiration junkies. It’s those ppl who are constantly buying the next self-help book, addicted to inspiration, without doing the actual inner work. 
What are Netzach junkies? 
They are people who are addicted to the rigorous life of hard work. Although hard work is anything but negative, the manner of hard work can be. 
When life is just about pushing forward and work, work, work, there is a lack of the spark of which life is made up. Joy and feelings of achievement are looked at as secondary to the actual technical aspects  
There is such a deep value in Netzach that it causes the person to place it as the prime focus. 
The reason for this is because it comes from such a deep place with the human psyche- Keter. In a similar vein, we don’t yearn for Moshiach enough because we know that there is a value in the struggle of Golus- exile. Yet the...
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Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul

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