4 Tips On Overcoming Negative Thoughts (+Live Kabbalah Video)

self help May 29, 2018

By: Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Do you have negative thoughts? If you didn't you would not be normal.


Dr. Daniel Amen, a clinical neuroscientist, child and adolescent psychiatrist, and medical director of the Amen Clinic for Behavioral Medicine. 

Dr. Amen and his colleagues have now conducted over 100,000 (!!!) brain scans which has helped him develop a powerful methodology to help us tap into the biggest lesson he’s learned in all his years of research and clinical work.

In his research, Dr. Amen found that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. Out of those 40,000 are negative...roughly 80%!!

To make this drearier, 90% of our thoughts are those we had yesterday. That means we rethink and ruminate on the same negative thoughts over and over again!

Dr Amen calls these thoughts ANTS: “One of the limbic techniques that is a mainstay of helping our patients at the Amen Clinics is what I call ANT therapy, or learning how to kill the ANTs (Automatic Negative...

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How to Obtain a Constant State of True Joy- Live Kabbalah: 3 of 10 Methods According to Kabbalah

self help May 23, 2018

Moshe Reuven Sheradsky Founder of WeDu Inc

As the Sages (early commentaries on spirituality) say, “Happiness breaks all bounds.” The Talmud highlights that happiness allows an individual to have an open mind, while unhappiness closes off the mind from everything and focuses it solely on the one thing that isn’t right. A happy person is a joy to be around, is able to focus on other people besides himself, and is able to accomplish what is in front of them with vitality and strength. A happy person can see opportunities, blessings, ideas and more with full clarity. We all have some idea about the advantages of being happy, yet the question many of us have is, “How do we both obtain and maintain happiness?”.

Here are 3 of the 10 instructions LiveKabbalah has for you to live a happy life:

1.Develop Humility You may be resistant to this claim. You may ask yourself, “Aren’t the things that...

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Finding Spiritual Harmony in an Era of Knowledge- Unplugging

kabbalah self help May 21, 2018

By: Rabbi Amichai Cohen

What is freedom? That is a relative question that depends on who you ask. For someone in the middle of Africa who does not have running water, freedom is simply running water. Where as, someone living in the comforts of a western country, would not consider running water freedom. For that person it would be perhaps the ability to pay their bills, go on the vacation of their choice or follow their dreams by attaining higher education and starting a business.

Within the hierarchy of creation, the freedom of the inanimate is to simply be. The freedom of the vegetative is to sprout, grow and flourish. Freedom for the animal kingdom is the ability to move, hunt and procreate. Freedom for a human is to be able to utilize the mind, seek knowledge, and express that knowledge in speech and in writing.  The freedom of the inanimate is vastly different than the freedom that the vegetative requires, and the locomotive needs of the animal is vastly different than...

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Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul

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