The Symbolism Of The Avnet

history kabbalah zohar Feb 24, 2021

Each of the kohanim’s splendid garments adorned a specific part of their bodies. Each of the additional garments and ornaments worn by the Kohen Gadol served a defined purpose: the choshen was made of twelve stones corresponding to the Twelve Tribes, the tzitz atoned for sacrifices brought in a state of impurity, and so on.

The exception is the avnet, the sash or belt, which doesn’t seem to have served any specific purpose. The other garments did not actually require a belt to hold them in place, and even the garments which might have benefited from a belt certainly did not need a 32-cubit long belt, which required the kohen to wrap it around himself repeatedly (see Rambam, Klei Hamikdash 8:19)!

The purpose of the avnet is simply to express the kohen’s “readiness” to serve before G-d, (unlike the other garments which are each associated with a particular mode and theme of Divine service, corresponding to a specific part of the body.) This is akin to the...

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The Age of Aquarius! New Moon Women's Circle- The Month Of Shevat


As we transition from the earth sign of Tevet- Capricorn to the air sign of Shevat- Aquarius, we all feel a deep shift within and without in the world around us. 

It is no surprise that the month of Shevat heralds the budding of the trees on the 15th of the month, representing renewal and rejuvenation. The acronym of the new month is Shnitbaser Besorot Tovot- שבט/ May we hear good news. 

I look forward to sharing some of deep Torah on this new exciting month.

Join me and incredible women from around the world at this soul gathering! 


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Are You Part of The Problem Or The Solution?

mindfulness Jan 12, 2021

Calling in our family for an emergency family meeting, Miriam and I realized things had to change.

We thank G-d, are blessed with a large family, with different age groups and levels of maturity, in a smaller area, with limited technology and a limited amount of tending which we can attend to as parents.

We acknowledged the difficulties of being in yet a third lockdown with schools out for the third time.

Our children have to be in a brand new type of school. Being a remote student is not an easy thing for kids. Not at all, and we emphasized that.

As any parent with their kids home for any amount of time knows, there can be lots of dramas and even mayhem in the home-front command.

Having kids home for a prolonged and unknown amount of time can be complete mayhem, both emotionally and socially.

Upon convening the gang, some begrudgingly, we sat down. As the paternal role model in the house, I passionately asserted: "We are all living together and contribute to this one house. All of...

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Think Good & It Will Be Good

optimal living parsha Jan 07, 2021

Think Positively & Manifest Positivity 

Rabbi Amichai Cohen

It is a fact that thoughts have a discernible effect on our emotions as well as our bodies. Our thoughts also affect manifesting our future. 

In this week's Torah Portion Shemot, the Torah recounts the story of Moses seeing a cruel Egyptian taskmaster viciously striking a poor Hebrew slave. Moses makes the quick decision to protect the Hebrew slave and kill the Egyptian taskmaster.

The next day, Moses saw two Hebrews fighting with each other. Acting with chivalry, Moses tried to stop the two feuding slaves. Responding to the gesture, the two men said to Moses, "you killed a man, and now you tell us "not to fight.

Upon discovering that his secret "had been discovered," the verse says that "Moses was fearful." Indeed, Pharaoh learned of the episode shortly after that and sought to have him killed.

With this episode, the Torah hints at the extraordinary power of bitachon—complete trust in G-d's...

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Are you 2020 on 2020?

beyond the zodiac Jan 04, 2021

In what will undoubtedly go down in history as a most difficult year for every single human on the planet, I believe that 2020 will be remembered as a pivotal year for human evolution.


Is there perhaps a juncture, a new way forged forth which will shift the way we live, think, eat, interact, love, hate, create, and manifest?


If anything taught us that we must look towards change, it is was and is Covid. 


An unseen microcosmic enemy suddenly caused governments to examine how they control and care for their people. 


Politics, greed, and power became certainly more confusing, but either apparently clear to some or enslaving to others.


That no government or politician will save us from ourselves became obvious to some, vs just not this politician became THE agenda for others, wreaking national havoc and sowing discord between neighbors.


The tiny virus broadcasting to us extremely loudly to some yet faintly to others  “where...

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6 Tips On Mastering Our Thoughts

mindfulness Dec 11, 2020

By Rabbi Amichai Cohen

Do your rampant thoughts seem to be taking on a life of its own? I know that mine does. 

Between the anxiety of Covid, the precarious government situation, and our overactive addiction to technology, our minds seem at a loss now more than ever. Having our children intermittently come in and out of school does not help either.

A Chassidic tale is told about a man who went to the Maggid of Mezritch and told him that his thoughts were overtaking him, seeking advice on how to master his thoughts. 

The Tzadik sent him to a disciple of his in a particular town. When the man arrived in town, it was raining, and upon spotting the house, he briskly approached the door with loud knocks. A man inside asked who it was. The man answered, “It is I, Yankel.” No answer...

Yankel knocked again, this time louder. “Let me in, it’s raining,” Yankel cried out. No answer again. The knocking proceeded for some time until the owner opened the...

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5 Secrets of The Month Of Kislev - Sagittarius

5 Secrets of The Month Of Kislev - Sagittarius

The month of Kislev, the third month of the year, is powerful, a month of miracles, and an auspicious time in bringing out our deeper drive, uncovering dreams and refuelling our passions and reasons for living.

During this month, those who are born are self-driven, philosophical, motivated, and live life with passion. 

Well-known is that the beloved holiday of Chanukah falls out during this time, on the 25th day of Kislev, and is celebrated for 8 days. Less known are the following five revelations about this month. 


1. The Third Month

In the Jewish calendar, there are two “heads of the year,” or new years- the month of Tishrei- Libra, and the month Nissan- Aries. Kabbalah and Chassidus explain that Tishrei is the head of the year related to this world, while Nissan is the head of the year as it relates to the miraculous. 

While this topic is a class in itself, it is important to know that Kislev...

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Are we our thoughts? 5 Tips For Regaining Control Of Our Mind

kabbalah mindfulness Nov 11, 2020

What is the origin of thoughts, and are we, in fact, our thoughts?

“I think therefore I am” famously said by 18th Century Philosopher Rene Descartes, is the anthem of the Western world in many ways.

We know that our inner world is multi-layered. Our physical brain is extraordinarily complex and is divided into three general areas; The frontal lobe, the Perennial lobe, and the occipital lobe. On a neurological level, we can say that the cortex, the prefrontal cortex, and the amygdala are the roots of cognition and formation of intelligence, memory, thoughts, and action. 


Who’s leading who? 

In Kabbalistic writings, we are taught that there are three parts of our mind, our higher intelligence, called Chochma and Binah, the mindful component of our consciousness, called Da’at, and our emotions. 

The ideal healthy flow of consciousness begins with our higher cognition and filters to our emotions. When the mind can transmit its realizations,...

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The Mystical Start Of The New Year - The End Is Wedged At The Beginning


Starting Again- Bereisheit/ Genesis. Why do we end the Torah & restart it at the same time?  

We know that there is a profound Kabbalistic concept found in Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) that "the beginning is wedged at the end and end is wedged at the beginning". 
As we transition from the previous year we are encharged to begin again and recreate ourselves. Just as the completion of the Torah is culminated we begin the Torah again with Beresheit/ Genisis. 
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Rosh Hashana Circle - with Rabbi Amichai & Miriam Cohen -5781

holidays Sep 17, 2020
In this special gathering, we will explore the significance of the new month of Tishrei/Libra and Rosh Hashana- the Jewish & cosmic new year.
What is possibly in store for the next year 5581, it's special acronyms, and what we should focus on in the upcoming year?
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Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul

Access Live Kabbalah's complimentary in-depth Class & PDF Notes on Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul, Kabbalah & Judaism's approach on reincarnations.