Shabbat For All of Humanity & The Feminine Redemption


Need inspiration? Watch this class on On Keeping Shabbat Together, The Coronavirus & The Feminine Redemption. 

This Shabbat the majority of the world will be homebound. The Coronavirus has placed back in our element of acceptance which is taking us to what Kabbalah & Chassidut call Malchut - the era of redemption. 



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Parenting During Coronavirus "We Are In This Together"

parenting Mar 19, 2020

Hi Dear Parents,

Parenting has just taken a whole new dimension with kids home from school. Lets together use this as an opportunity to love, bond, and connect to bring light to our families and to shine that light out into the world!

I will be sharing some parenting tips as a mother blessed with k"ah the 10 sefirot and based on Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey.

We can all do this!!




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About Live Kabbalah School

kabbalah Mar 16, 2020

What is Live Kabbalah School about? Over 200 profound, yet practical classes, courses and semesters. Mentoring, assessments a community and 1:1 mentoring to help our students LIVE and express the highest version of themselves. 

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Zohar Pinchas & Tanya On Fostering True Emunah {Video}

kabbalah zohar Mar 16, 2020

In the Zohar on Pinchas, Rabbi Shimon talks about warding away negativity. In Tanya chapter 11 in Igeret Hakodesh, the Alter Rebbe delves into what is TRUE Emunah (belief in G-d). 

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Zohar Streaming: The Half A Shekel Coin

kabbalah zohar Mar 13, 2020


Zohar Ki- Tisa |Translation of class:

"And Hashem spoke to Moses, saying, 'When you do take the sum of the children of Yisrael after their number" (Shemot 30:11-13). Rabbi Aba, Rabbi Acha, and Rabbi Yosi were traveling from Tiberias to Tzipori. While they were traveling, they saw Rabbi Elazar coming with Rabbi Chiya. Rabbi Aba said: we shall surely join the Shechinah. They waited until they reached them. As soon as they came to them, Rabbi Elazar said: it is most certainly written: "The eyes of Hashem are towards the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry" (Tehilim 34:16). This passage is difficult.

Come and behold: it has been established that celestial blessing does not dwell on something that is numbered. And if you ask how Yisrael were counted, he took from them a ransom for themselves. And they did not count until all the ransom that was gathered was counted. THUS at first, Yisrael are blessed WHEN THE RANSOM IS RECEIVED, afterwards, once they counted the ransom,...

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Celebrating Life

Tu or 15th of the month of Shevat is the new year - Rosh Hashanah of the trees, specifically the 7 species which the land of Israel were blessed with.

The Talmud says that there are 4 heads of the year; According to Beit Shamai, “The first of Nissan is the Rosh Hashnah for kings and Holidays, the first of Elul is Rosh Hashanah for tithing of animals, the first of Tishrei is the Rosh Hashanah of the lunar calendar year and the first of Shevat is the Rosh Hashanah for the trees.

In the opinion of Beit Hillel the Rosh Hashanah for the trees is on the 15th of Shevat” (Tractate Rosh Hashanah 2a). What is the inner significance of the 15th day of Shevat?

We celebrate the 15t of Shevat by eating 7 species of fruit (which 5 are fruits) that the land of Israel was blessed with: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives and dates. Why specifically these fruit? The verse says “for man is like the tree of the field” (Deuteronomy 21,19)....

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Bati L'Gani Chapters 9 & 10 | Video + PDF Notes

chassidut Feb 05, 2020

Welcome to Chapters 9 & 10 of the epic Chassidic discourse "Bati L'Gani"!

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneeorson (also known as the Frideker Rebbe) wrote this 20 chapter long sequel as his ast will and "marching orders" to our generation. Every year for the next 40 years, his son in-law the Lubavitcher Rebbe would expand on each chapter in great length.

The 9th and 10th Chapters of the discourse. The letter Kuf transforms to the letter Hey and becomes the letter of "truth". The Rebbe concludes that that this is the ultimate "coming to the garden- Bati L'Gani". Enjoy!

Logging In

Continuing with the theme of the discourse, the Rebbe goes on to explain the deeper aspect of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle and what it represents in our life.

The logs of wood in the Mishkan were called עומדים קרשים Kerashim Omdim, standing (pillars) logs.

Besides the fact that the logs were actually standing, the reason that the logs were called standing is because the inner mission the Mishkan was to channel...

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AriZal | The Redemption As Birth

arizal kabbalah Feb 02, 2020

AriZal | The Redemption As Birth - Written by Rabbi Amichai Cohen

“These are the names of the Children of Israel. with Jacob each man and his household, coming (descending) into Egypt”

The Arizal shares with us a beautiful interpretation of the story of the exile and redemption of the Children of Israel in Egypt.

By way of introduction, the Arizal says: “there are 70 facets (faces) to the Torah. One of them is called “Remez”- allegory. Therefor every teaching of the Torah can be understood on multiple levels.” 

The decent into Egypt is compared to a fetus submerged within the confines of the mother’s womb. In the verse “These are the names of the Children of Israel”, the Torah is hinting to us that the faculties of the soul  descend down into Egypt. The verse continues “with Jacob” - the Yetzer tov- positive inclination comes along for the ride. The verse continues: “Coming (descending)”  ...

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Kabbalah & Me 🌸 Women’s Wisdom- Yesod: True intimacy, bonding and deeper connections

kabbalah and me Jan 30, 2020

True intimacy and bonding comes from being connected to  Yesod within us. Aligning to our higher will and intentions gives us the tools to create true, deep, and intimate connections to our loved ones. 

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The Month of Shevat- Aquarius

beyond the zodiac Jan 26, 2020

The Kabbalah of Aquarius 

Beyond The Zodiac | Live Kabbalah - Rabbi Amichai Cohen

The month of Shevat is the 11th month of the year where it says that Moshe began to explain the entire Torah in 70 languages. Meaning that the wisdom of the Torah was brought down to the world in an understandable way so truth can be accessed by all nations for all times.

The number 11 represents the transformation of the other side called the Sitra Achra into the realm of Holiness. That is why the Ketoret - the incense had 11 spices. This is why verse of the acronym of the permutation of the name of G-d is “If he will exchange him, he and his replacement will be holy” (referring to tithing the tenth animal).

During this moth we have an ability to shift our negative consciousness to our higher potential.

This explanation is intertwined with the sign of the month the bucket דלי.

A bucket draws water and into it and then pours it out. The wisdom of the Torah is compared to water, as...

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Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul

Access Live Kabbalah's complimentary in-depth Class & PDF Notes on Reincarnations- The secret of the Gilgul, Kabbalah & Judaism's approach on reincarnations.