The 9th Of Av - Leo From Destruction To Rebuilding

cycle of the year Jul 30, 2020

The Three Weeks period which coincides with the 17th Of Tamuz until the 9th Of Av are the most intense days on the calendar. It is the time that we mourn the destruction of both Temples. On a deeper level, these days have tremendous transformative energy potential. 

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Rabbi Cohen Inteviewed On i24News About The Rebbe's Legacy & Hillula

media Jul 09, 2020

It has been 26 years since the passing of the great Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Besides being the leader of world Jewry, the Rebbe had a deep agenda of educating and uplifting all of humanity through the teachings of the Ba'al Shem Tov and the Inner Teachings of the Torah. 

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The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets The Passing of Moshe Aharon and Miriam

parsha Jun 26, 2020

The Talmud tells us that the passing of the Righteous atones for the entire generation. In this week’s Torah portion Chukat, we learn about the passing of Miriam and Aharon. It is of no coincidence that it is also the Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

 In this class, we delved into the significance of what the Zohar calls, The Passing of the Righteous, and the life work of The Lubavitcher Rebbe.  

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Become The Change You Want To See! The Quintessential Mitzvah

semester Jun 19, 2020

If you had to choose the ONE, yes, the ONE Mitzvah- most important commandment, which would it be?

The great 2 Century Sage of the Mishnah says that it is the verse in Leviticus; "Love Your Fellow As Your Self."

Why is this Mitzvah THE quintessential essence of the entire Torah?

The Alter Rebbe explains that we are all ONE part of a collective body. Although we may differ in our views and characteristic traits, we are all part of the first man ADAM.

Kabbalah explains that our souls are all fragments of the collective SOUL of Adam and that our personal and collective Tikun - fixing, is to become reunified with our source and the mutual "sparks" of the entire universe. ALL SOULS of previous generations are a part of this. 

We are at a juncture in history, which the Kabbalists predicted as a confusing and time for humanity - the birth pangs of Moshiach. At the same time, NOW is the time for us to rise to our collective and UNIFIED  mission. 

With all of the...

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Tammy Higgins from Utah talking about Live Kabbalah School

testimonials Jun 16, 2020

Check out what students from around the world are saying about Live Kabbalah. 

 Join our new semester "Love Your Fellow like Yourself: Building Communities Of The Future" and become part of the Live Kabbalah community by clicking on the link below:


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Learning How To Pray #2 Chassidut on Tefillah

prayer May 04, 2020

In this class, we delved into:

1.what salvation -Hoshea means and where it emanates from.

2. The difference between the leadership of a shepherd vs a Nasi

3. "Our soul awaits you" what does awaiting mean 

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Live Interview With Zalman Nelson on Addiction & Overcoming Self Doubt

the tools May 03, 2020

Live interview with Zalman Nelson, a relationship expert as well as an addictions counselor. 

As we know, getting to trust ourselves and G-d takes pealing away our perceived self. Our skewed self-image is also the reason why we may drift to addictive behaviors.

We delved into all of this and more in this live interview. 

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The Art of Harmony- Master Artist Yoel Turgeman On Tifferet

art Apr 28, 2020

Artist Yoel Turjeman is a world-renowned abstract Jewish painter.

R. Yoel and his family moved from France to Tzfat, Israel, Yoel integrates the deep teachings of Kabbalah & Chassidut with his creative artistic expression and engaging kind and gentle personality.

This video interview was a part of Live Kabbalah School's "The Tools- Sefirot - The Ten SefirotApplied Course. Yoel went into depth into the Sefira of Tiferet and how we are all meant to be artists and reveal the beauty within.



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Kabbalah & Me 🌸 Women’s Wisdom- Week 2 of Gevurah- Infusing Healthy Borders

ten sefirot Apr 19, 2020

Coming out of ourselves and examining the other person's needs is the essential component of healthy relationships and conscious parenting.

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Kabbalah & Me 🌸 Women’s Wisdom- Week of Chesed: Kabbalistic Tidbits for Healthy Relationships

ten sefirot Apr 16, 2020

In the balance of giving to others, we must always remember that we MUST receive for ourselves as well. 

Kabbalah teaches that true love requires the balance of giving and receiving.

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